National Account Spotlight: Visit The Village Sewing Center!

On today’s blog, we flew to California and went to visit our National Account Dealer, The Village Sewing Center in Santa Rosa, and got to meet their team and learn about their shop! Follow along as we meet up with Bernadette, a team member from the Village Sewing Center.

Opened in 1969, The Village Sewing Center is a well-known community sewing and quilting shop offering creators like you the tools, fabric, machines, and support you need to start bringing your ideas to life. Located in Santa Rosa, California, you can visit their shop filled with a variety of machines, ranging from your favorite home sewing machine, like our DX series, to our JUKI long-arm quilting J-350QVP Miyabi!

Follow along below for the transcript version of our interview with Bernadette from The Village Sewing Center.

Hi, I’m Bernadette, I work at Village Sewing Center, and we are located in Santa Rosa, California at 506 Lewis Rd. We are a sewing machine store, and we also sell fabrics and notions for sewing and quilting.

What Inspired You To Join The Village Sewing Center Team?

What inspired me to start working at Village Sewing Center? Village sewing center is a very community-based shop. John, the owner, is a friend of mine, and I just love the way he is so knowledgeable about sewing machines and just this industry. It’s a great place to get together with friends, and there’s a lot of comraderies and just support from all of our customers, and a great place to collaborate and be creative.

In knowing that, it’s really fun to work here and be a part of contributing to that.

What can customers look forward to at Village Sewing Center?

When you come to Village Sewing Center, we try to welcome you when you come through the door. It can be a very busy place, so we try to acknowledge all of our customers, and if a customer has a special need, we will do our best to try to fulfill that need, and find what the customer needs.

if we can’t, we also try to offer resources that can help them out so they can have what they need.

What can customers expect when shopping at Village Sewing Center?

You can find great service! Our service department is here on site, and we got really good service people that are trained by John and very knowledgeable about all the different sewing machines. We actually sell six or seven different brands here, but we service all brands. So that is one of the things you can find.

We also try really hard to educate our customers. If they are doing anything to the machine that is putting a little extra ware and tear on it that is something that we try and educate. Also, when you buy a machine from us, we give you classes. We offer classes, we offer phone support, and also if you come in and you’re having issues threading the machine or something like that, we will take the time to go on the floor and spend a few moments with you and show you how to do that.

Because what we really want you to do, is love the machine that you have and have the machine that is the right machine for you. That’s really important to us. Also, just the support that goes along with knowing how to use your machine so that you can get the most out of it, and so you can be a part of that sewing community and love it.

What are the benefits of being a Village Sewing Venter customer?

Okay, so the benefits that we offer; not only do we take care of your machine here at the store, but we also offer classes when you buy the machine with us. You’ll get a free class with the owner John; he also provides online classes in case it’s harder for you to come in. Basically, those classes are exactly the same as what you would get in the store, just in a video format.

Great classes, very informative!

We also offer trade-up! So if you buy a machine from us, and we have a couple things that you get that are a bit unusual in that first year when you buy a machine from us. Your first cleaning will be for free, and that helps us to get a chance to kinda look at what’s going on with the machine and inform you of how you can help it last longer. The other thing we offer is if you buy a machine from us and within that first year you decide it’s not the machine for you or you want to upgrade, within that first year, you can get a trade-up.

It doesn’t have to be the same brand, you can get a different brand if you like, but we support that so that you can end up with the machine, that’s the best machine for you.

What is your favorite JUKI machine?

The JUKI machine, my favorite machine, that’s a really hard thing to do because I like JUKI machines a lot. One of my very favorites is the JUKI TL-18QVP, I love it because its kind of an in-between between a home sewing machine and a professional machine, and it comes with all kinds of extra parts, so it’s just like a great machine to have that makes your sewing a whole lot easier.

I also love the longarm machine that we have. We have a smaller one, it’s like a 5-foot, and that one is such a great one if you’re getting into longarming. It’s super easy to use and just would make; I mean, I’m not even a free-motion quilter, but it makes me want to have one!

How can a customer find Village Sewing Center?

we hope to see you soon at Village Sewing Center! If you need to get a hold of us, you can call us at (707)-544-7529. You can also find us at our website where you can also find our videos! And we are on Instagram, @VillageSewing also, and Facebook.

Thank you!

To learn more about The Village Sewing Center, visit their website here or socials down below! Thank you for joining us today in getting to know Bernadette and our National Account, The Village Sewing Center. We hope you get a chance to visit the next time you’re in the Santa Rosa area.




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