Celebrate National Sewing and Quilting Month with JUKI!

Join us as we celebrate National Sewing and Quilting Month! Check out our favorite quilting and sewing machines, and learn about what’s new at JUKI by visiting us here today!

19 thoughts on “Celebrate National Sewing and Quilting Month with JUKI!

  1. I love my Juki TL2010Q which I bought 2 years ago! It’s a powerhouse and has amazing features that make my sewing experience a dream! Although I have yet to master the auto needle threader, everything else is perfect!


  2. I bought my QVP150 at a show. However JUKI needs to make a tutorial for trouble shooting and a better understanding of the features of this model

    Thankyou Lynn Rodak


  3. I’m still a ways from having space for a long arm machine… but I love my Juki DX7 so when I finally get to being able to get one, I’ll be getting a Juki then as well 🙂


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