Business Spotlight: Always Moving Forward with Country Stitches

Celebrating National Small Business Month with JUKI Dealers

Co-owned by Anita and Brian, Country Stitches was founded in 1982 and has continued to be a staple in Michigan. Offering accessories, sewing machines, fabric, and more, the Country Stitches shops focus on the customer and their needs! Focusing not only on their passion for sewing but for people, Brian, Anita, and their team enjoy working with customers and helping them find their perfect sewing machine.

Anita and Ann hired Brian in 1995 as a service technician for the shop. In less than a year, Brian moved his way up to sales and customer service. After only a few years, Brian realized this was his true calling and made it into a career. In 1999, after being with the company for four years, Brian became a new business partner!

Inspired by a desire to provide the best possible customer service to their clients, Country Stitches began providing sewing and quilting classes. These classes inspire customers to sew while offering them the opportunity to use the best quality machines. With a focus on creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience, they teach new tricks and provide their experienced services to those getting into the world of sewing.

Over the years, Country Stitches has undergone many changes. From training staff to advertising to customers, they embrace change that benefits the customer. In March 2020, when COVID-19 first began to affect many of us, ‘Country Stitches’ pushed forward with new initiatives to stay in the game and offer their services to those who needed an escape during these times. They began offering curb-side sales and pick-up. Additionally, they revamped their website and included functions for online shopping for customers who weren’t able to visit their shop, and they began virtual classes.

JUKI is never far from your beloved sewing and quilting shops! The much-loved TL-98 served as a gateway for Country Stitches to become familiar with the JUKI name and quality. Starting in June 2013, Country Stitches, officially began carrying JUKI in their shops after attending one of the many tradeshows JUKI attends. Knowing the quality of our machines and the need for fulfilling customers’ wants, they became JUKI vendors. Today, they continue to help people find their perfect JUKI!

Different from many companies, Country Stitches finds change exciting and suitable for their business! Not shy from an ever-evolving world, they’ve stuck to their core values of treating everyone with kindness and respect with a focus on excellent customer service. This way has allowed them to evolve and prosper.

Their most extensive advice when owning a business is to listen and communicate with other dealers.

“-listen to every dealer that is in this industry and find the things they do great and try to add these things to our company. Also, to listen to their struggles so we can be better equipped to handle these same struggles. And last, to share our ideas, our struggles, and our wins with other dealers, new and old, that want to listen.”

If you’re interested in Country Stitches check them out today and follow their information below!

East Lansing
2200 Coolidge Road
East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 816-0383

1965 Boardman Road
Jackson, Michigan 49202
(517) 782-7100

*Photo Credit: The Country Stitches Team

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