Longarm Training with JUKI!

Hello JUKI lovers! We know how butterfly-inducing it is to get a new machine, but what about the aftermath of learning it? That’s why we’re here! Our JUKI Longarm training is for all types of quilters to join and learn more about techniques and tricks.

Get your pencils and notebooks ready because this 3-day workshop covers basic machine maintenance, tensions, working with different threads, batting, LCD screen operation, free-motion techniques, loading a quilt, marking quilts, ruler work, couching, pantographs, optional accessories, and more on the TL-2200QVP and Miyabi J-350QVP.

We also offer the opportunity to learn about our Quilters Creative Touch software. This workshop teaches you the basics of building blocks, pantographs, including the new Power Panto, designing your quilt pattern blocks, and move on to more advanced techniques such as Quilt CAD and Pattern CAD.

We offer JUKI Longarm training throughout the year with our Education staff to help you be the best quilter you can be! Thank you to those who have joined us in the past on our training, we hope you enjoy your JUKI and come back for more in the future!

Check out this link to see other training dates and sign up information. We hope to see you soon!

7 thoughts on “Longarm Training with JUKI!

    1. Absolutely… bought my wife a JUKI 2200QVP with a 10 foot dust collector frame. She has not used in since I bought it… she has no one to show her how it works and we were turned on by the long arm displays at the AQS convention at the Opryland hotel in Nashville in 2001…. Now 20 years ago. My house is loaded with nearly 40 quilt tops …hahaha

      Juki…let’s get a seminar here in the northeast area…soon, we ain’t gettin’ any younger !!


      1. Alber adds: Atlantic City draws from several zones in the northeast and is begging for a suite of rooms and catering rooms. There are LOADS OF THEM!


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