The Easter bunny is coming!

Hello Juki lovers! Today we have a new project brought to you by our National Education Manager, LuAnn Hartley. Decorate your table with this adorable Easter Egg silverware holder using the Tajima SAI, an 8-needle embroidery machine.

We hope you enjoy your Easter weekend with this new project under your belt!

Learn how to create this project by clicking here.

LuAnn Hartley Easter Project

Quilting in a Social Media Age

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

From finding inspiration to posting your finished projects, social media has become one of the new quilting hubs for the community. With millions of posts on social media with hashtags for quilting, there are infinite ideas and inspiration to go around. We know that when you lack a creative spark sometimes running to Instagram and Pinterest is the best way to get that inspiration you need, but the fun is in the community itself that has continued to grow each day.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Forming friendships with similar interests is exciting! You can do this by joining quilting and sewing groups where you can find answers to questions you need. Additionally, you can experience the same excitement for new projects or machines. Quilting parties, what was once a social event that women hosted for friends and family members as a way to meet in the early 1800-1900s, has become a worldwide connected project. Hashtags like #100daysofquilting and #quilter have brought thousands of people together to showcase art from all around the world. We at JUKI love when sewing and quilting artists like you use our hashtags like #lovemyjuki and #jukisewingmachine, this allows us to see and share what you create!

Social media for quilting is like a research hub and can be for more than sharing projects; there are features on how to sell your quilting, how to gain a following, and even one day taking this from a past time into a career.  Each day new and old members of the community have an opportunity to use social media for their goals. Whether it be gaining a following, sponsorship, or making a side income from selling your pieces; social media has given artists the platform to grow in their skills and passions.

At JUKI, we use social media every day to learn more about our JUKI Lovers and their projects. By being able to share our products, helpful tips, and more, we’ve created platforms that allow us to connect with you. What would you like to see more of on our social media?

JUKI at OSQE Lakeland!

JUKI at OSQE Lakeland
One of our JUKI Favorites!
Glamoura Fleur – Quilted by Laurie Ceesay Landree

This past week, we at JUKI got to meet with you all at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo (OSQE) in Lakeland! Each year we at JUKI attend quilt and showing shows with our vendors to answer all your JUKI-related questions and offer our machines at amazing prices. We also allow you to test-drive our machines, meet with sewing experts and introduce you to your local vendors.

This year we partnered with TOPS Vacuum and Sewing! Around for over 70 years and with 11 locations in Florida, we always tell our JUKI lovers to check them out when they’re nearby. Experts in their field; they offer qualified advice, servicing, and of course our machines for sale. This year JUKI focused on our top machines and helped customers like you get their very own JUKI!

Each year the OSQE offers a beautiful quilting gallery from quilters all over the nation. Experience the different art and designs from quilters like you as they exhibit their proud finished projects! We at JUKI love walking around and taking in the beautiful artwork that’s presented around the show. Having its walk-through, over 100 quilts with different themes and styles are displayed. We got excited and wanted to show you some of our favorite ones!

Our Marketing Directors Favorite!
KONG – Quilted by: Laurie Pighetti, Lakewood, Wis.

One of the most exciting parts of the OSQE shows is their machine giveaway! Each year different brands, like JUKI, offer a quilting or sewing machine for the prize giveaway, helping people like you win one. Entering is simple and we love when we hear someone win!

If you’ve ever thought of attending a sewing and quilting expo, this is your sign! Join us as we continue to attend these shows throughout the year and across the nation as we bring JUKI to you. Follow us and learn more about upcoming shows on our social media and our website at

Urban Quilting with Wendy Chow

Urban Quilting with Wendy Chow
Wendy Chow – photographed by
Rachel Kuzma

Welcome JUKI Lovers to a new book we enjoy! The “Urban Quilting: Quilt patterns for the Modern-Day Home” by Wendy Chow is one of our new book recommendations for beginners and experts alike. Each of the 10 quilt patterns has detailed instructions for making quilts in different sizes. The book is beginner-friendly and has everything you need to know to get started in creating beautiful quilts.

Wendy Chow, an Aussie modern quilter and pattern designer based in New York, focuses on bold, unique color combinations and geometric shapes inspired by architecture, interior design, and nature. From the age of four, Wendy was transfixed by sewing, but it was not until high school where she began her quilting journey. Using quilting as an escape from the real world, Wendy created quilts and designs that helped her through her days at her corporate job.

Wendy’s love for quilting brought her to a dream opportunity when her publishers found her on social media and offered a publishing deal. “Never in my wildest dreams, I’d envision myself writing a book one day. The opportunity randomly presented itself when my publisher, Blue Star Press, contacted me after they saw my work on Instagram. At the time I was still trying to figure out whether to continue to pursue this new creative career path or to go back to my daily grind in the corporate world. But we all know what happens at the end,” Wendy stated when asked what brought her to venture out to the publishing world.

Urban Quilting: Quilt patterns for the Modern-Day Home – photographed by
Rachel Kuzma

It was hard to choose, but one of the designs we loved most at JUKI is found on page 34. The bold design is perfect for those wanting to learn a new skill in quilting since it features Half-Square Triangles; a common motif in designs perfect for those still learning. Wendy teaches you how to create this design by constructing multiple Half-Square Triangles in record time with one of her favorite tricks. You won’t want to miss this! All of Wendy’s designs also have levels from “beginner” to “advanced beginner” written under each design, making this book great for those just starting or wanting to expand their quilting horizons.

Find your own “Urban Quilting: Quilt Patterns for the Modern-Day Home” by Wendy Chow at the following locations below to begin your quilting journey today.

Purchase at the following online retailers:


Book Depository

Barnes and Noble

If you enjoyed the book, what part did you enjoy most?

Share your quilting journey with us!

Growing in Sewing

After some much-needed playtime on your new JUKI sewing machine, you want to start getting creative! This is where accessories come in. Below are a few recommendations for presser feet and accessories that will get your project done right.

Even Foot:
TL-18QVP: A9811-D25-0A0
TL-2200QVP Mini: A9811-D25-0A0


Our first recommendation is JUKI’s walking foot or even feed foot. These feet are great for feeding thick fabric and other multi-layered projects. For example, when creating straight lines on quilts or sewing handbag straps, the walking foot is incredibly helpful in preventing the bottom and top fabric from bunching because it is feeding the material evenly.

Another recommendation is getting a zipper foot! JUKI has a variety of zipper feet available in different styles that allow you to sew close to the edge of the zipper teeth, piping, and other bulky edges. Zipper feet make it oh-so-simple to embellish fashion pieces, secure handbags, and more!

Our final recommendation in this series is the smooth foot. If you are looking to sew leather, vinyl, cork, and/or other hard-to-feed materials, this is the foot for you! Wanting a smoother go while you work on a project will help you achieve a clean, professional finish!

Glide Foot:
– TL-2200QVP: 40201924
– TL-2200QVP S: 40201924
– Miyabi J-350QVP: 40201924
– Miyabi J-350QVP S: 40201924
– J-150QVP: 40201924


Wow your friends and family with a one-of-kind quilt! Add ribbons, applique, and other embellishments with the glide foot! This bowl-shaped foot is an expert at going over three-dimensional embellishment when free motion quilting. Create beautiful designs with no stress!

Our Grip and Stitch makes free motion quilting easy and fun! Each pack comes with two different-sized disks that provide outstanding support. With the larger disk in your left hand and the smaller disk in your right hand, place the disks on top of your quilt and begin quilting. This gives you the ability to design funky spirals, beautiful feathers, and more!

Want to take your quilting to the next level? JUKI has the tool just for you! We have a wide variety of rulers at your disposal available. Created to help you get the design you want, our rulers can assist in straight stitching to clamshell designs.

Coverstitch Hem Guide:
MCS-1700QVP: 40177371


Looking to create straight hemlines on pants and shirt sleeves? Our coverstitch hem guide is the perfect tool for you! When it’s difficult to see the backside of your fabric, this guide can set the folded width of the fabric and align the edge of the fabric from the backside easily, minimizing the work for hemming.

Another recommendation is JUKI’s waste collector. This accessory is perfect for keeping your area tidy allowing you to throw out scraps as you sew. Also, it can be great storage for accessories to keep at an arm’s length.

When it comes to making sure you have the basic tools for your project, we highly recommend looking into the MO Kits. Available in set-piece sizes of 3, 6, and 8, these kits provide you with presser feet that can help you complete your project! Containing different feet in each set, we create these for practical sewing or decorative stitching on clothing.

Pocket Frame


Getting the right tools can make embroidery set up so much faster! One recommendation we have is our magnetic frames. These accessories are offered in three different sizes and can help you embroider beautiful designs with clean stitching and faster speed on garments such as t-shirts, jackets, bags, and more!

We love embroidering designs onto our clothing and that’s why we created the pocket frame! This accessory is great for sleeves, pockets, cap side of parts, and much more; there are no limitations to your creations! Customizing garments for clients or your own just becomes more fun when you have the right tools to get it done how you imagined it.

Last but definitely not least, the most important part of sewing is needles! Our embroidery sewing needle pack is specially designed with a larger eye size to keep your threads from breakage. Our embroidery sewing titanium coating needle pack was created to last using Perfect Durability (PD), our needles are finished with titanium-nitride ceramic that gives you longer needle life when embroidering through tough materials. Cost-effective and durable is what these needles are all about!

JUKI knows that an accessory can make projects more enjoyable and easier for you! What accessory do you use on your projects?

It’s National Quilting Month with JUKI!

It’s finally National Quilting month! 

A quilting party in an Alvin, Wisconsin, home. Quilting in History – Image by Lee, Russell, 1903-1986

The world’s love of quilting can go as far back as 3400 BC with a quilt completed in Sicily, Italy. It has thought to come from a pair with the other founded in Florence, Italy. The quilt, better known as ‘The Tristan Quilt’, depicts scenes from the story of Tristan and Isolde, a Sicilian favored romance and tragedy, highlighting the oppression of Cornwall by King Language of Ireland and his champion the World, and the battle of Sir Tristan with the latter on behalf of his uncle King Mark.

JUKI Quilting

Quilting brought forward an art for rhetoric as a representation of stories and symbols. Used as a tool to depict personal stories or as a way to highlight history, quilts were used to communicate between cultures. Quilting also came from necessity; creating blankets during cold weathers and clothing. It wasn’t  until the mid-1700’s that quilting began to become artwork again for those that wanted to create heirlooms. To complete one project, it took many years to create elaborate artwork and depictions many had.

National Quilting Month itself started as a celebrated day back in June 1991. The National Quilting Association (NQA) began sponsoring National Quilting Day after members attending the 22nd Annual Show in Lincoln, Nebraska passed the resolution of designating the third Sunday of March as National Quilting Day. However, over the years you and those who love quilting expanded this and created a full month for the appreciation of quilting. It has been amazing seeing what quilting means to the community.

Now that March is finally here, we have a number of exciting things to share with you, JUKI Lovers. This month we have brand new promotion of a spectacular deal that includes a wonderful Wonderfil kit. Join the making of history for quilting today with your own JUKI.

All month long, you will have the chance to purchase a new Miyabi J-350QVP frame or sit down and pay no interest for 60 months! We will also be running a promotion for registering your new longarm this month and getting a FREE Wonderfil Thread Kit! Our kit includes four thread cones and pre-wound bobbins, the best thing to start off with.

How do you plan to celebrate National Quilting Month?

New Product: Richtech Temperature/Mask Scanning System

With advanced thermal imaging technology, JUKI will now offer the Richtech V2 Pro and V2 Lite which provide businesses with the fastest and least intrusive way to protect employees and customers. The rapid temperature screening recognizes faces and is able to pass or fail by verifying temperature and detecting whether or not a person is wearing a mask.


  • Simple Setup: Just turn it on and hang it up. Customizable backplate allows for easy installation on any surface or stand 
  • Fast: Screen customers in just 2-3 seconds. No waiting around, just business as usual
  • Instant Notification: Be informed immediately if someone is feverish, no one is getting past without your knowledge
  • Fully Automated: Just place and forget. 
  • Compact Design: Place it anywhere: on a wall, stand, door, or desk. Takes up about the same space as a framed family photo

V2 Pro ADA and HIPAA Compliant

Fast and accurate, the V2 Pro is your business’s first line of defense against infectious diseases like COVID-19. Utilizing a very advanced and unique near-infrared sensory array and AI-driven facial recognition technology, the AATSS samples multiple points on a person’s face to provide extremely reliable temperature readings (within ± 0.5 ºF) in just 2-3 seconds. Designed as an all-in-one solution for the purpose of ensuring safer working environments during a pandemic, the V2 Pro provides protection to yourself, your employees, and your customers from potentially deadly infections.

In addition, you have access to a full software suite that includes live monitoring, email and SMS notification, authentication for automated doors, list of people approved or blocked, data storage, and a wide variety of customization options. 

Click here to learn more.

V2 Lite Plug & Play

Extremely accurate and efficient, the Lite system is our most affordable option for quick temperature measurements. Like other V2 systems, the V2 Lite uses multi-point temperature verification to ensure that measurements are accurate to within ± 0.5 ºF. Temperature measurements are taken from the forehead region, screens typically take between 2-3 seconds, and the system also supports facemask verification. Unique to the V2 Lite is the tri-color LED indicator at the top of the device. These two lights will flash Green or Red depending on the result of the scan.

Click here to learn more.

Please contact a JUKI Dealer for availability and pricing information.

New Product: Air Purifier Airdog X5 and X8

Breathe better and safer with the Airdog innovative air purifiers. In collaboration with Airdog, JUKI offers the X5 and X8 model that removes efficiently 99.9% of indoor smoke, flu virus, bio-aerosols, ultra-fine particles, and volatile organic compounds.

About Airdog X5

Loved by customers worldwide for its superior air purification, the X5 implements patented TPA technology to destroy pollutants, bacteria, and viruses in the air and purify up to 1,400 square feet in 1 hour. Easily see your air quality in real-time with the color-coded digital display. The X5 is perfect to create a safe breathing environment in your home or office.

Click here to learn more.

About Airdog X8

The Airdog X8 is the fastest and most powerful system that Airdog offers. With an airflow power of up to 470 cubic feet per minute, the X8 moves dirty air through its filtration quickly and quietly. Having the power to clean the air of 1,000 square feet in just 20 minutes, the Airdog X8 is the perfect solution to purify large, heavy trafficked areas.

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Please contact a JUKI Dealer for availability and pricing information.