JUKI Spotlight: Made For Mermaids

Photo: Made For Mermaids Team

Growing up, Megan, owner of ‘Made For Mermaids’, was raised around a mom who never stopped sewing! Megan’s mother filled their family home with sewing projects like holiday dresses, Halloween costumes, prom dresses, and even wedding dresses for Megan and her two sisters. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Megan is a mother of two, and wife to a firefighter, who started sewing when she got pregnant with her daughter. Creating projects for her children like her own mother had done, Megan sews blankets, bows, and lots of clothes!

Photo: Made For Mermaids Team

Becoming a pattern designer, she based her designs on her own family’s wants and needs. Grabbing inspiration for events or vacations coming up, she created patterns that fit each occasion and theme. With a family supporting her hobby, they enjoy finding projects online or out and about, and request that she creates them! Each project goes through a design process with so many different versions, Megan’s focus is creating something that will be loved and worn often.

Following her passion for creating patterns for her family, Megan opened up a small business where she sells various patterns with a team of nine other women! Looking to create a brand that would be easy to remember and a nod to her favorite princess, the Little Mermaid, she named her business “Made for Mermaids.” Starting, Megan originally sold princess-inspired dress patterns. As her team grew, so did her designs! Meeting her team through online sewing communities and social media, they started as a group of “testers” that would test her patterns before she sold them. As time passed and she grew closer to them, they began working together and mixed their strengths and talents to create what is “Made For Mermaids’ today!

Meeting together once a year, the team of nine meet in LA to shop for fabric, plan future patterns, and enjoy each other’s company! Working online and miles apart, they constantly communicate with one another to share their new ideas or recent inspiration. 

“It’s so nice to have a group of women behind you, cheering you on, giving you inspiration, and having people to bounce ideas off of.”

Photo: Made For Mermaids Team

As Megan and her team continue working together, she hopes ‘Made For Mermaids’ will continue to grow and expand in the sewing community. With the hope to help new sewists learn for themselves, her favorite part of the business is feedback her teams get from first-time or new sewists. Assisting in strengthening others’ confidence, she finds this to be the most rewarding part of her work. 

With two children of her own, Megan shared with us her favorite part of the new school year as a mom: creating a special first-day outfit! Letting her children join in on the creative process, she has each of them pick out their favorite fabrics and designs before sewing something to wow the class on the first day of school! Working on her JUKI machines like the HZL-DX7 sewing machine, a MO-1000 serger, and an MCS-1500 coverstitch machine, she creates outfits like the ones shown here!

Learn more about ‘Made For Mermaids’ and her projects by visiting her e-shop today! Don’t forget to follow the links below as Megan continues to put out new and exciting patterns.

Website: Click here

Instagram: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

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