The Comfort of Sewing

Sewing and quilting have long been a hobby for many people. Some turn to it to let their creative minds be free. Some find comfort in creating things for a family. Some enjoy it because it brings in extra income. Whatever your reason, you turned to sewing. As society has grown and changed, sewing and quilting have stuck around for ages!

A woman machine quilting/sewing three layers to create a grid pattern on a patriotic quilt.

At JUKI, we’ve been around for decades and have seen the changes in the sewing community. Still, one thing has stayed consistent, people’s happiness when they get their new machine and start working on new projects. The heart of sewing is often found in family hobbies being passed down, finding a pastime that brings tranquility and satisfaction in getting something done right.

Sewing in history was a meaning of expression during hard times. Whether used as a tool to bring privacy and comfort or sewing and quilting parties, sewing throughout time has brought the community together. As social media has grown, we’ve been able to find history through fabric and threads from around the world. From being hung in museums to art showcases, this channel of communicating with others is universal.

The therapeutic sense of sewing and quilting is a significant factor in many people’s days. Through non-profit organizations, systems like our prisons have created a safe space for those transitioning back into the outside world. As a way of offering a new art form and sense of expression, many of those incarcerated find this therapeutic. Some programs even allow them to sell their work and create savings when it’s time to go.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on

Also, sewing is a channel of occupational therapy for our veterans. The ability to learn sewing and quilting allows veterans to communicate through their work and even make a living. This has helped many veterans handle their mental scars. The self-confidence that grows when learning a new trade and completing a project can work wonders for anyone!

The relationship between creativity and well-being is a common subject. Whether it is found in sports, painting, or quilting, concentrating on a project has proved to assist in inner turmoil and relax one’s mind. At JUKI, we love that so many people find comfort when sewing on our machines. We know the importance of having a machine that will keep you going and excited to work!

Learn more about the programs and their stories that assist those who turn to sewing for therapy below!

Click here to learn more about Sewing Therapy for Veterans!

Click here to learn more about Sewing Therapy in institutions!

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