JUKI at OSQE Lakeland!

JUKI at OSQE Lakeland
One of our JUKI Favorites!
Glamoura Fleur – Quilted by Laurie Ceesay Landree

This past week, we at JUKI got to meet with you all at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo (OSQE) in Lakeland! Each year we at JUKI attend quilt and showing shows with our vendors to answer all your JUKI-related questions and offer our machines at amazing prices. We also allow you to test-drive our machines, meet with sewing experts and introduce you to your local vendors.

This year we partnered with TOPS Vacuum and Sewing! Around for over 70 years and with 11 locations in Florida, we always tell our JUKI lovers to check them out when they’re nearby. Experts in their field; they offer qualified advice, servicing, and of course our machines for sale. This year JUKI focused on our top machines and helped customers like you get their very own JUKI!

Each year the OSQE offers a beautiful quilting gallery from quilters all over the nation. Experience the different art and designs from quilters like you as they exhibit their proud finished projects! We at JUKI love walking around and taking in the beautiful artwork that’s presented around the show. Having its walk-through, over 100 quilts with different themes and styles are displayed. We got excited and wanted to show you some of our favorite ones!

Our Marketing Directors Favorite!
KONG – Quilted by: Laurie Pighetti, Lakewood, Wis.

One of the most exciting parts of the OSQE shows is their machine giveaway! Each year different brands, like JUKI, offer a quilting or sewing machine for the prize giveaway, helping people like you win one. Entering is simple and we love when we hear someone win!

If you’ve ever thought of attending a sewing and quilting expo, this is your sign! Join us as we continue to attend these shows throughout the year and across the nation as we bring JUKI to you. Follow us and learn more about upcoming shows on our social media and our website at https://jukiquilting.com/our-events/.

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