Let’s Sew: Confetti Mat & Mug Rug

Bring a dash of fun to every meal (or morning coffee) with this colorful confetti tutorial! Add a smooth foot that easily goes through vinyl to create a placemat and mug rug.

This presser foot, made of a fluorocarbon resin, smoothly feeds materials such as vinyl-coated material, leather/faux leather, and all types of fabrics that have a “sticky” surface. These fabrics may stick to a standard presser foot and are difficult to sew.


For models: HZL-G120, HZL-G220, HZL-F300, HZL-F400, HZL-F600, HZL-DX7, HZL-DX5, DX-2000QVP, TL-2000Qi, TL-2010Q, TL-18QVP.

Written by LuAnn Hartley, National Education Manager

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