JUKI Spotlight: Urban Quilting with Wendy Chow

JUKI Spotlight: Urban Quilting with Wendy Chow
Wendy Chow – photographed by
Rachel Kuzma

Welcome JUKI Lovers to a new book we enjoy! The “Urban Quilting: Quilt patterns for the Modern-Day Home” by Wendy Chow is one of our new book recommendations for beginners and experts alike. Each of the 10 quilt patterns has detailed instructions for making quilts in different sizes. The book is beginner-friendly and has everything you need to know to get started in creating beautiful quilts.

Wendy Chow, an Aussie modern quilter and pattern designer based in New York, focuses on bold, unique color combinations and geometric shapes inspired by architecture, interior design, and nature. From the age of four, Wendy was transfixed by sewing, but it was not until high school where she began her quilting journey. Using quilting as an escape from the real world, Wendy created quilts and designs that helped her through her days at her corporate job.

Wendy’s love for quilting brought her to a dream opportunity when her publishers found her on social media and offered a publishing deal. “Never in my wildest dreams, I’d envision myself writing a book one day. The opportunity randomly presented itself when my publisher, Blue Star Press, contacted me after they saw my work on Instagram. At the time I was still trying to figure out whether to continue to pursue this new creative career path or to go back to my daily grind in the corporate world. But we all know what happens at the end,” Wendy stated when asked what brought her to venture out to the publishing world.

Urban Quilting: Quilt patterns for the Modern-Day Home – photographed by
Rachel Kuzma

It was hard to choose, but one of the designs we loved most at JUKI is found on page 34. The bold design is perfect for those wanting to learn a new skill in quilting since it features Half-Square Triangles; a common motif in designs perfect for those still learning. Wendy teaches you how to create this design by constructing multiple Half-Square Triangles in record time with one of her favorite tricks. You won’t want to miss this! All of Wendy’s designs also have levels from “beginner” to “advanced beginner” written under each design, making this book great for those just starting or wanting to expand their quilting horizons.

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